Last Trip to Trautman

It wasn’t very cold last night. Actually, the temperature was mildly pleasant at 35F. But gusting winds out of the West were bringing our progress toward Upper Arlington to a minimum. The new brine that the City of Columbus is placing on the streets seems to be leaving these nodules of ice behind on the pavement and the intermittent rain was making transit on city streets quite treacherous.┬áThere was no shortage of spills onto the ground and onto bikes.

[quote]The ride is popular enough, the only time we can go to these places is during bad weather[/quote]Eventually, our five-person unit arrived at the Miller Park gazebo, which luckily was protected from the howling winds through which we had just pushed. Most of our riders dress for while they’re on the bike so if the group stops in one place for too long, some folks will usually express an interest to leave after just a short time – usually while others have just started on their beers. But that’s just how it goes.


Moving once again, with winds at their back now, the ride blasted down the Grandview Avenue hill, over 670, and back into the downtown at breakneck speeds, where there was talk of an open building undergoing demolition. It can seem hard to tell when the ride will head to abandoned structures, and some new cyclists fear they might end up on a ride that takes them somewhere sketchy.

However, “that’s just not how things work on Monday nights,” says veteran rider Andrew Nishio. “We can’t take the larger groups in some of these places”, he explained. When more people come out for a ride, the noise level increases, things move slower and its hard to keep people together. “The ride is popular enough, the only time we can go to these places is during bad weather”, he added.


It would seem then, that last night presented the perfect conditions for scaling the fence at the old Trautman Building on the corner of High and Rich, across from the Columbus Commons. It was apparent this building was set to be razed any day, and the group decided this was its only chance to investigate what was left of this structure erected in 1893. The Ride carefully navigated its way throughout the building, documenting its unusual interior, finding some treasures and even making it to the rooftop for some stunning views as some of the last people ever to set foot in the building.

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